Final blade

Master of Combat
FINAL BLADE Mobile Collective Action RPG
Unique Oriental 2D Design / Dynamic real-time Battle
Real-time melee action with unpredictable results
Enjoy the quick fighting action!
Rich collaborative contents with the members of team
Great real-time war between the team, go beyond the outer and inner wall to defeat the army of imperial family and take over the castle! Team together to defeat the other moon and raid the powerful boss!
PVP where you choose according to your taste
There are no same decks under the sun. 3: 3 Solo Exhibitions, 5: 5 Group Exhibitions and various events! Find the best team combination and be the best!
The world boss 'Shin-Soo', whom you can suppress along with other users
Defeat Shin-Soo, who is threatening the people over the rifts! Avoid his attaks and destroy each part to defeat the mighty Shin-Soo!
Strong breathtaking scenario
Deep resentment of the chaos and the national decay of Moorim regarding the Guahn Sword! Can Taemoon rise again? Will you be able to find the whereabouts of Guahn Sword?
Various convenience systems that support easy leveling-up
Ghost system that can get the game cash through the battle! No need to worry about the full inventory. We got an Automatic selling system!